Get Ready For Hybrid Events
Hybrid events enable you with more flexibility than ever before. Create equally engaging experiences for both your online and offline audiences to expand the impact of your events.
Fully integrated with the Conference Management System
Quickom’s sister service,, is a comprehensive conference management system that manages ticket sales and payments for both online and offline events. Together, they are all-in-one platform for conferences, helping conference organizers to focus on producing the best conference content, not the technology, in order to delight the audiences worldwide.
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Sample upcoming and past events
Designed for lecture halls, conferences, and theaters with up to 10,000 participants
The host will have full control during the sessions. Students/participants can present ideas only when permission is given. The system automatically mutes all students/participants, while keeping their cameras always on.
The AI-based difference that optimizes users' experience
Theater Mode enables AI-based video processing to provide an unrivalled video conferencing experience for entertainment events. QUICKOM offers ultrahigh definition video quality and breathtakingly superior sound combine to help artists showcase their talents at their fullest potential, with finer details and the most authentic expressions at every interaction.
Host a captivating virtual exhibition anytime, anywhere
QUICKOM novel AI-based virtual camera studio supporting video background helps transform your conferences into a fully immersive online experience to better reach your global audiences - all from the comfort of your own home. Whether it is for virtual exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, fairs, etc. the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. We also give away independent QUICKOM Camera Studio for use with other meeting suites.
End-to-end encryption to protect confidential communications
Enable end-to-end encryption meetings, and have complete control over your privacy and communication data. Host conferences for up to 10 participants on your own computers with all data being fully encrypted.
Best video quality with smallest bandwidth usage
Operating on Quickom Decentralized Cloud Network which uses a local adaptive network to guarantee the best video quality at the minimal bandwidth requirement.
TV Platform Accessibility
Supporting TV hardware, Quickom TV app is available on Google Play and LG Web. This helps users join a conference, classroom, or theater event directly on the TV. No small screen for your eyes.
One-click multicast live events to social platforms
Unlock endless possibilities to engage with your audiences on their favorite social platforms, with the minimum effort! In just one-click, QUICKOM automatically sends live events simultaneously to a range of your preferable social platform endpoints, including Facebook and Youtube.
Two-way interactive collaboration
Limited participation will no longer be a problem. Students/participants can take part in various activities like joining discussions, making presentations, and drawing on the shared screen.
Interpretation on the spot
Simultaneous interpretation allows online conference attendees to overcome any language barriers. With QUICKOM, connecting with top-notch speakers has never been easier.
Breakout rooms
With breakout rooms, students/participants can network, discuss, and collaborate in smaller groups. The meeting host can control the specifics of these rooms by assigning the members, moving between the rooms and specifying the time limit.
Never miss a conference
Bring staff, clients, and partners together to collaborate—no matter where work finds them. You can send meeting invites via email with options including the most used email services, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail.
QUICKOM also helps simplify workflows with built-in integrations to the most-loved scheduling calendar services, such as Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.
Easily accessible via multiple platform plugins
Quick integration with your current website/system, serving various industries, ranging from education (such as Moodle) and e-commerce (such as Shopify and Magento) to corporate websites (such as WIX and WordPress).
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