What is "Meet-to-Earn" Alpha Program?
Quickom "Meet-to-Earn" Alpha program allows everyone to host their virtual meetings on their computers while earning token rewards. Why paying for virtual meeting software services when users now can have a full virtual meeting suite on their own computers and use it for free for their everyday's conference needs with Quickom. By doing so, they will participate in the Quickom Decentralized Communication Network, where worldwide knowledge exchanges and communication are frictionless and barrierless.
Earn extra income
Earn token rewards for the time you spent on your meetings. Your meeting participants will also earn token rewards for the time they participate in your meeting. Your earned tokens are shown in your account in real time
Security and Privacy
Your virtual meeting data are secured with end-to-end encryption
Safe and Secure
Your PC/MAC will host your virtual meeting room with minimal CPU power. No interruptions or potential for viruses or cyber attacks
Free of charge
Quickom "Meet-to-Earn" function is free to use for your everyday's virtual meeting needs. You can have a meeting with up to 10 participants globally
How to Use the "Meet-to-Earn" Alpha Program
Getting started is fast and easy.
Simply follow these 3 steps
Step 1
Download the Quickom application for your computer:
Step 2
Sign in or Sign up with Facebook or Gmail or LinkedIn or your own email.
All of your earned token rewards will be delivered to this account each day.
Step 3
Start a virtual meeting room using the "Host a Conference" icon on the app, and that's it. The more you use Quickom for your meeting need, the more you earn. Your meeting participants will also earn token rewards as well.
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